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Innovative Training
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  • Job ready within months!
  • Small class sizes with qualified instructors
  • Practical application in our clinic on real clients
  • Relationship building with industry partners

We are proud to deliver a well-rounded comprehensive and professional training program in a Makeup Artist Diploma in the Greater Toronto Area. The objective of our makeup artist programs in Toronto and Newmarket are to provide students with the theory and cutting edge practical training for the exciting world of cosmetics. We concentrate on delivering basic and advanced makeup applications for all areas of the industry by introducing you to new techniques being used today. This program will focus on the fundamental theories and practical applications to ensure each student is successful in day, evening, bridal, runway, camera, period styles and theater makeup application as well as creative makeup design, client services, sales, marketing and professionalism. Each student will work toward a complete portfolio, master the art of makeup design, and compose an up-to-date resume, so that they may launch a new career as a makeup artist in the Newmarket and Toronto area.

Course Outline

Introduction To Cosmetics

Skin Care:

  • Skin type and features
  • Products and regime
  • Cleanse and prepare skin for application

Professional Ethics:

  • Hygiene and sanitary procedures
  • Professional imaging
  • Professional conduct

Makeup Styles & Techniques

  • Tools and how to use/apply
  • Essential products for the professional kit
  • Contouring/shading and highlighting
  • Determining face and eye shape
  • Creating the perfect eye brow
  • Styles and techniques for day/evening and mature makeup for the everyday woman

Color Theory:

  • Placement and analysis of color
  • Choosing the right shade and color
  • Understanding of the color wheel

The Bridal Market:

  • Client charts and consultations
  • Get to know your bride
  • Styles and applications
  • Rates and invoicing the client
  • Marketing your business

Makeup For The Camera & Runway

  • Applications and theory for color/black and white photography
  • Lighting and camera effects
  • Professional products used for media (film, TV, editorial, still photography)
  • Styles and techniques for runway looks
  • Creating your own style from face charts to models

Period Styles & Theatre Makeup

  • Fashion applications from 1920-1980
  • Determining period styles
  • Update period styles to today’s look

Theatre Makeup & Out Of Kit Effects

  • Knowing product types and brands
  • Design your own character
  • Combining theatre and FX looks
  • Create various wound effects
  • Face painting for camera and stage
  • Special effects application

Building Your Portfolio

  • Design face charts for photo shoots and portfolio
  • Photo shoots: bridal, day/evening and creative design

Getting Started For The Job

  • Resume and business card designs
  • Interview preparation
  • Unions
  • Choosing your direction in the field

Marketing & Sales

  • Knowing your customers and understanding their needs
  • Product knowledge
  • Service skills and applying your talent
  • How to market yourself as a professional

Practical Clinical Application

All students will undertake to complete clinical hours working on guests.

In order to fulfill the graduation requirements all students must complete the required practical application component of this program.


  • Written and practical tests will be administered on a weekly basis.
  • Individual and group projects will be assigned throughout the course
  • A final written and practical makeup exam will be administered.

Our student kits are comprised of an arrangement of products from the top professional brand MAKE UP FOR EVER. This kit has been designed for a student to be job ready as a makeup artist in Toronto upon graduating. Canadian Beauty College ensures that students are equipped with excellent products and tools to excel in this booming industry.

We invite you to look through our online photo gallery which showcases the creative designs of past and present students.  

Canadian Beauty College is an active M.A.C. PRO member, which recognizes superior excellence in theory and practical application of makeup. Students of Canadian Beauty College's makeup programs are entitled to the M.A.C PRO student discount.

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Certification in Makeup & Esthetics

Prospective students may also want to explore options or additional courses that Canadian Beauty College offers for professional certification in makeup techniques and application or skin care and esthetics.


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student testimonial

““I am an international student in the Canadian Beauty College. I am originally from Iran and I achieved my master’s degree in Urban Planning at the University of KHT in Stockholm, Sweden. Six months ago, when I came to Canada, I had two entirely different options in front of me. Continuing my studies for a PHD in urban planning or making a huge change in my life and pursuing my lifetime passion, skin care. Honestly, even though I loved my field of studies, I found spending my time at a desk and doing research so boring. I needed more direct interaction with people, helping them to look and feel better. That is why I started doing some research for a great school with professional experts in skin care. Of course Canadian Beauty College turned out to be the best of the best, as it was renowned for both teaching and treatments. I feel that this school represents a very strong knowledge about skin care and passes this to its students as manner of course. The opportunity to participate in regular seminars enables the students to broaden their general knowledge in other skin care areas. I really like this school because it provides a great resource and facilities for hands-on experience enabling us to apply what we have learned from our aesthetics classes before we start our career as a medical esthetician. Everybody here is so friendly and enthusiastic. Assistance is always given even if the staff is busy. The instructors are amazing supports; sharing their extensive knowledge and insights with you and guiding you through stages of being a great medical esthetician. And here, we are a supportive group of students that are always happy to help and support each other. Altogether, I am more then satisfied with this amazing school. In fact, studying in Canadian Beauty College is the best decision I could make for my future.”"

Sahar H. - Toronto Student

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