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Canadian Beauty College understands that making a decision to go back to school has to involve sound financial planning and a thorough process of investigating alternative resources that may be available. We encourage students to look at all options to ensure that they can assume the financial obligations before they commit to a vocational program.  The Canadian Beauty College works with each potential student to choose the best payment option that will ensure that a student starts and most importantly successfully completes the training journey.

Exploring personal, family and alternative sources ensures that you decrease the risk of encountering financial obstacles during your studies.

For your convenience we accept debit, visa, master card, cheques, bank drafts or cash.  An official receipt of payment is always provided at the time of payment.

Possible options to research and consider:

Payment plans: all students are eligible for our in-house interest free payment plans.  This allows you to break down your payments into manageable amounts for the length of your program. Extended payment plans may be available for those who qualify.

Banks: all national banks offer eligible students the opportunity to receive a student loan. This can be an excellent option for someone who cannot afford tuition fees and your bank will work with you to determine the appropriate loan and payment plans.

Employment Ontario: Second Careers is a government funded program which allows eligible candidates to go back to school and your costs are supported by this program. To find out more details and to determine if you can qualify, please visit www.ontario.ca/employment or call 1-800-387-5656

Lifelong learning program: The Lifelong Learning Plan (LLP) allows you to withdraw amounts from your RRSPs to finance full-time training or education for you or your spouse or common-law partner (some restrictions apply).  For more information please visit www.cra.gc.ca

Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB): this program assists eligible candidates with rehabilitation, retraining and educational upgrading. Please visit www.wsib.on.ca to see if you qualify.

External scholarships: Many groups and organizations provide grants and scholarships each year to those in need of higher education. Please speak to your admission representative at Canadian Beauty College to see a current list of scholarships.

Aboriginal/First Nations: Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) has two funding programs that could provide financial assistance for eligible Status Indian and Inuit students to help offset tuition, travel or living expenses. For more information visit, http://www.aadnc-aandc.gc.ca/eng

 We are certain that you will select the best option that fits your current situation, for any further assistance, please contact Canadian Beauty College Admissions Department by completing the Information Form or contact us directly at 1 866-720-4920.

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student testimonial

““I am an international student in the Canadian Beauty College. I am originally from Iran and I achieved my master’s degree in Urban Planning at the University of KHT in Stockholm, Sweden. Six months ago, when I came to Canada, I had two entirely different options in front of me. Continuing my studies for a PHD in urban planning or making a huge change in my life and pursuing my lifetime passion, skin care. Honestly, even though I loved my field of studies, I found spending my time at a desk and doing research so boring. I needed more direct interaction with people, helping them to look and feel better. That is why I started doing some research for a great school with professional experts in skin care. Of course Canadian Beauty College turned out to be the best of the best, as it was renowned for both teaching and treatments. I feel that this school represents a very strong knowledge about skin care and passes this to its students as manner of course. The opportunity to participate in regular seminars enables the students to broaden their general knowledge in other skin care areas. I really like this school because it provides a great resource and facilities for hands-on experience enabling us to apply what we have learned from our aesthetics classes before we start our career as a medical esthetician. Everybody here is so friendly and enthusiastic. Assistance is always given even if the staff is busy. The instructors are amazing supports; sharing their extensive knowledge and insights with you and guiding you through stages of being a great medical esthetician. And here, we are a supportive group of students that are always happy to help and support each other. Altogether, I am more then satisfied with this amazing school. In fact, studying in Canadian Beauty College is the best decision I could make for my future.”"

Sahar H. - Toronto Student

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